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children's Christmas musicals
by Bruce & Jennifer Searl

Kids Christmas Musicals

Kids Christmas Musicals, children's Christmas musicals and Christmas musicals for children like A Mouse Christmas are a smash hit! If you're looking for great new children's Christmas play, kids Christmas musical, children's plays, Christian Christmas plays or children's Christmas pageants for your church or school, Then get A Mouse Christmas. It's the best new children's Christmas play musical, Christmas musicals, Christian Christmas plays or kids Christmas musical available today.

Children's Christmas Musicals are Irresistible!

childrens Christmas playsA Mouse Christmas musical is the irresistibly cute "retailing" of the Christmas story from the eye witness perspective of two mice who actually accompanied Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus. All of the original songs in A Mouse Christmas play, like Christmas Lullaby, are woven seamlessly throughout the story to bring a depth of emotion that you wouldn't expect in a children's musical. The script and songs have a universal age appeal. There are messages of "trusting God in hard times" for adults and messages of hope, forgiveness, and love for everyone. Most of all, this musical has a tenderness that seems to capture the heart of Christmas and touch performers and audiences alike. Just read a few reviews to see how powerful this children's Christmas musical play is.

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Your kids will love to be in A Mouse Christmas musical for children Christmas pageant. For one thing, they'll love the great songs. We get many comments from parents about how their kids listen over and over to their rehearsal tape. And they'll love what it lets them do... Perform for their school and un-churched friends and families with a presentation that is powerful enough to actually change their lives.


"Christmas Musicals For Children With A Message!"

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Sure, A Mouse Christmas is a kids Christmas musical that has fun costumes and cute lines that make audiences laugh out loud. Sure, it has fun, up-tempo, catchy tunes like No Road To Bethlehem and Tell Me Why? that you'll be humming long after you go home. But A Mouse Christmas Christmas musical for children also has powerful songs like Wonderful Child and Wise Men to set a mood and tone that touches your heart and connects with your soul to bring the message of Christmas alive!  Click to Listen to these great songs...


Children's Christmas Musicals Are A Powerful Witness!

christmas plays mangerYou know the affect that your kids, combined with the Gospel can have on people. A Mouse Christmas is the perfect children's Christmas musical to perform as an outreach to your community. Friends, families, neighbors - Everyone will come for this enchanting "re-tailing" of the classic Christian Christmas play. Click on our "Musical Reviews" link above to read how this amazing kids Christmas musical for children can change your church or school holiday memories for ever! 


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"Best Christmas Play Ever!"

christmas plays - nametagsWant to know more about this exceptional child Christmas musical? We thought you'd never ask! That's why we've created a whole website filled with information. Why take a chance on cheesy free Christmas plays, or one where you can just see a nice cover of and a paragraph of lofty description? Here you can read most of the script, see dozens of photos, listen to the songs in context, browse our Questions & Answers area, and even read reviews from some very thrilled churches and schools who were amazed with their own results.

This website offers a great resource for producing the musical with pages of photos, tips & tricks, and our Q&A section. But there is also an optional Video of this amazing child Christmas musical being performed at a large church (great set and lighting ideas). There's even an optional "Production Pack CD" that contains over 100 hours of design and graphic work in CorelDraw, PhotoShop, .JPG, and MS Word files. So you can have posters, programs, bulletin inserts, props, and even "Cheesy" name tags for your kids (Because sometimes cheesy is a good thing, just not in kids play).  So don't wait any longer!

Order Now below or... Click here to Take A Journey with A Mouse Christmas Musical! children's church plays holly

Send me The Whole Ball of Cheese!  - A Mouse's Dream!
My finger is killing me from searching for the perfect musical. Now that I've found it, please end my pain by sending me everything I need to put on A Mouse Christmas with style - The Musical Script & CD's, the Production Pack CD and the Video DVD. All with just one easy click and all for just   $139.85


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Or... Get Just Your Christmas Musical Now!
I can't stand it anymore! I've got to get A Mouse Christmas for my church or school! You're right! A Mouse Christmas is so adorably cute it almost hurts! With my church mouse budget, I can't get the whole thing, but to relieve my pain... Please, please let me purchase my own copy of A Mouse Christmas Musical Script & CD's for just  $79.95


Production Pack CD!
Wow! Over 100 hours of production art, posters, set designs and promotional stuff! No one has ever made a musical so easy to produce! If I were an opossum, I'd be playing dead right now! To show my eternal gratefulness, I'm going to buy the Production Pack CD it for just $39.95


A Mouse Christmas Play Video!
If I could just get a copy of the DVD Video to see what A Mouse Christmas looks like when performed at large church, I would love you forever and gladly pay the small sum of just $19.95

Please Note: The singing quality on the video is not professional (They're real kids at a real church), but it is still very helpful to watch for lighting, sets, costume and choreography ideas and your kids will love to watch it too. 

Christmas musicals
"Changing the world one squeak at a time!"

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Links to Kids Christmas Musicals & Children's Christmas Plays

We've gathered some helpful links to other Christmas musicals
and other related resources (in case you have already done
A Mouse Christmas). To check out our links...  Click Here!

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"I just wanted you to know that this past Christmas we did our first performance of A Mouse Christmas at Grace Fellowship Church of God. It was wonderful! Everyone agreed that it was the best children's program we had ever done." christmas pageant - holly

Angie Jones  

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"Thanks for writing such a wonderful program. I knew the moment I saw it I wanted to do it!
I got a phone call yesterday congratulating me on the program and how well the children were during the whole time. I told him I don't think he was watching the three little brown bunnies. They were crawling up the mike stands on the ledges, and anywhere else they wanted to explore. But that makes it fun!" christmas free play - holly

Carolyn Lundy  

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"Thanks! Count me as a fan forever!" Chirstmas church play - holly

Beth Duddy  

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"Our play was a smashing success. Can't tell you how much everyone loved it!!! 
I have already had one church call for your website.
Thanks for all your help." Chirstmas musicals for children - holly

Ronda Berry  

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"I just wanted to write a short note to let you know how thrilled I am with your "Mouse Christmas" Script!!! I received it in the mail a few days ago and have read it several times. It is really just wonderful, and I am so glad to see someone coming out with quality scripts for use in religious services. As I am sure you are aware, there is so much material published that is really just junk, with horrible writing and equally horrible music. I am so excited to start work on this script so that all of my church family can see how fabulous drama can be in and out of the church setting. Thank you for publishing such wonderful work--we are really looking forward to the Christmas service even more now!!!" holly

Amanda Nell Gawith 
Director of Music 
Southwest Community Church 

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"Many thanks and blessings to you and your wife. We finally held our production of A Mouse Christmas yesterday.  From all accounts it was professionally done in all aspects. The sets were incredible. The kids were flawless.  And your words and music really reached the hearts of many people... ...Our plan is to make this an annual event in our community as there is no such family opportunity currently... Thank you so much for A Mouse Christmas. It is truly a blessing. One woman, whose anniversary of her mothers death was yesterday as well, told me she was struggling to find meaning in Christmas this year and, through your musical, found the answer! God Bless!" holly

David Mezzanatee 
Mansfield United Methodist 



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